Hotel Contract Negotiations

Meeting Resources manages the complex process of hotel contract negotiations on behalf of its clients.  Hotels write contracts that favor themselves, but with our knowledge and experience, we can negotiate a more equitable agreement that protects you, while also guaranteeing your group the lowest available guestroom rates, appropriate meeting space, (avoiding rooms that are long and narrow with low ceilings or pillars), and all of the upgrades and concessions your group merits.

We ensure hotels address topics usually missing from their standard contracts and add the appropriate clauses to protect your group.

No-walk policies, renovation/construction clauses, minimum noise & disturbance policies and non-compete clauses, which prevent your competitors from booking meetings during your event dates, are just a few examples.  We can also work with your company’s internal contracts and addendums.

Through careful negotiation, we strive to secure the lowest possible rates, maximize the concessions available for your group, minimize attrition and cancellation penalties and reduce group liability, resulting in a fair agreement.

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