Strategic Meeting Management

To control meeting costs and streamline the meeting planning process, many companies are seeking out strategic meeting management programs that suit their company’s needs.  Meeting Resources offers these spend management techniques to help meeting planners meet the needs with their travel and procurement teams without sacrificing the control of the event details.  Furthermore, we provide services an online tool can’t.

Key benefits when choosing Meeting Resources over an online RFP management platform:


We track true actualized expenditures vs. proposed estimated costs, and customize our tracking reports to suit your needs.

Undo Penalties

We have the years of experience and relationships within the industry to reduce and or do away with cancellation and attrition penalties.


We consider all hotels in your chosen destination, unlike impersonal online RFP platforms that only source to those hotels that pay an annual retainer fee.


By a simple e-mail or a quick phone call from you, we don’t inconvenience your time by signing on to a computer platform, entering in redundant and repetitious information.


Through years of experience, we recognize how to complement and round out your meeting specifications, saving you valuable time and speeding up the search process.


Online RFP platforms do not provide meeting management staff, leaving the burden and associated expenses of hiring an extra staff member to you.


We manage the entire search process for you: contacting hotels, collecting availability, and presenting you with one concise document.

Added Value

We can negotiate rebates back to the master account, saving your company thousands of dollars.


Our services do not depend on computers.  Though network outages, viruses and firewalls can cause unexpected problems, we don’t rely solely on computers to manage your searches, negotiations and events.


Our established relationships result in more competitive and added value proposals than an online RFP management platform can provide: people prefer to do business with people.


We manage the entire process from start to finish, including all of your changes during the planning stage, the revisions throughout contract negotiations, and any on-site management needs. We are always aggressively advocating for your company’s best interests.


Meeting Resources provides the human touch that makes your meeting and event planning simpler, efficient and more cost-effective.  And, we always oversee the critical areas an online tool can’t.

With Meeting Resources, you always have access to an experienced meeting professional.  We deliver cost savings and accountability directly to you and your company.

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